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Fully Programmable, Multi-Application Network Appliances

The Bivio 6110 and Bivio 8000i Series Cyber Security Application Platforms are extremely high-performance and fully programmable network appliances that combine a high-speed intelligent packet processing hardware architecture with a software platform that includes a Linux-based execution environment and a comprehensive set of networking features.

Designed specifically to provide wire speed deep packet processing, the platform architectures fuses network processing components with Application Processing CPUs to deliver uncompromising performance and unmatched flexibility.

The platforms provide performance-optimized features to deliver true line rate packet processing from 10 Gbps to 40 Gbps of full duplex performance. Their size, power footprint and single device interface can help you:

  • Centrally Manage Your Data Infrastructure
  • Lower Overall Packet Processing Costs
  • Empower Your Staff To Better Monitor Your Network

Both platforms allow any Linux-based networking application to run with little or no porting effort. Based on standard, pre-ported Linux distribution with full API compatibility, software developers can quickly and easily run applications within hours. The rich set of software infrastructure components allow developers to quickly realize advanced capabilities of the platform including robust traffic management, load distribution across the multiple Application Processor CPUs, high availability and system management integration.

Bivio 6110 Compact Cyber Security Application PlatformBivio 6110 Bivio 8000i Advanced Cyber Security Application PlatformBivio 8000i Series

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