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Bivio Networks Introduces Industry’s Most Compact 10 Gbps Cyber Security Application Platform

Bivio 6110 delivers unprecedented performance, consolidation and agility in minimal 1U rack space

November 17, 2015 Pleasanton, CA — Bivio Networks, Inc. (Bivio), a developer of innovative, high-performance network security platform solutions for federal and commercial network operators and large enterprise customers, today introduced the Bivio 6110 Compact Cyber Security Application Platform, the latest addition to the company’s line of award-winning high performance programmable cyber security platforms.

Occupying only a single rack space (1RU), the Bivio 6110 provides over 10 Gbps full-duplex packet processing for a growing number of open source, commercial and Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) network security, intelligence and active cyber defense applications.

“The Bivio 6110 has exceeded our customers’ expectations for application performance, portability and ease-of-use during pre-release product trials,” said Keith Glover, president, Bivio Networks. “Since the flagship Bivio 8000i platform began shipping last year, customers have realized significant application performance achievements for a wide range of cyber intelligence and network security applications without making any code changes. The Bivio 6110 platform now allows these customers to deploy the same applications in an exceptionally efficient solution for enterprise-class and even portable cyber analysis environments.”

The Bivio 6110 platform is purpose-built to offer the highest possible network throughput in minimal rack space for Linux applications with little or no porting effort. The platform utilizes a field-proven architecture that combines multicore Intel® processors with the robustness and security features of a Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® environment to deliver network traffic processing for cyber application solutions at over 10 Gbps full duplex line rates.

Packet Acceleration and Application Consolidation
The extraordinary cyber security application processing is achieved through BiviOS™, a patented packet acceleration and application environment that is fully integrated with the standard Linux libraries. Using this implementation, the application does not need to be modified with any system details – it only needs to invoke the standard Linux network traffic and packet handling mechanisms. This compatibility delivers significant performance improvements over server-class appliances for open source Linux applications such as SNORT®, Suricata, Bro, Argus, YAF, nProbe, TCPdump, as well as other commercial and proprietary software.

The Bivio 6110 platform also features exclusive multi-application support for both inline and passive modes of operation. Rather than relying on virtualization or sequential chaining, the Bivio 6110 uses an efficient and unique host infrastructure to enable running multiple cyber applications in parallel, with all applications simultaneously accessing the same network traffic. This capability allows cyber teams to easily consolidate applications and tools on a single platform to improve network security posture, eliminating the cost and complexity of managing multiple disparate systems.

“Bivio Networks has recently joined the Red Hat partner program and is launching the Bivio 6110 platform with Red Hat Enterprise Linux at the core,” said John Bleuer, vice president, Global ISV Partners, Red Hat. “Our joint customers demand the highest levels of stability, security features and robustness and this new collaboration facilitates mission critical solutions to help customers address these needs. We welcome Bivio as a partner and look forward to additional collaboration to drive enhanced customer value.”

Additional Platform Features
The Bivio 6110 provides twenty-four (24) 1/10 Gb Ethernet ports and four (4) 40 Gb Ethernet ports that can be provisioned as copper and/or fiber for network traffic processing. All ports operate in transparent mode so that the platform is completely invisible when deployed as an inline or passive network sensor.

The platform includes an independent management processor with out-of-band connectivity that provides true physical separation of the payload traffic from platform management. The platform also features dual redundant power supplies, solid-state hard drives, and integrated failure detection and recovery capabilities to provide maximum system uptime in mission-critical environments.

The Bivio 6110 can be ordered now by contacting the Bivio sales team. Production units will begin shipping to customers in December.

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Bivio 6110 Compact Cyber Security Application Platform