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Bivio Networks Boosts Cyber Security Application Platform Performance to 100 Gbps

Bivio 8596 expands network security application performance and consolidation capabilities on scalable carrier-grade platform

October 26, 2016 Pleasanton, CA — Bivio Networks, Inc. (Bivio), a developer of innovative, high-performance network security platform solutions for federal and commercial network operators and large enterprise customers, today announced that the performance of the Bivio 8000i Series Advanced Cyber Security Platform has been increased to deliver up to 100 Gbps application processing bandwidth. The new platform, named the Bivio 8596, further extends the processing performance of the company’s line of award-winning high performance programmable cyber security platforms.

“Our customers continue to require the highest performance platforms to process the cyber security applications on their networks,” said Keith Glover, president, Bivio Networks. “The performance boost available with the Bivio 8596 further extends the scalability of the platform, and guarantees that mission-critical applications continue to function with sufficient bandwidth, even with increases in network traffic.”

Bivio 8000i Series platforms are fully programmable systems that deliver the highest available network throughput for any Linux-based networking applications with minimal porting effort. The carrier-grade platforms are built on a field-proven system architecture which includes multiple Application Processor Cards (APCs) with multi-core Intel® processors, a high-speed switch and backplane fabric that maintains separation of the network payload and management traffic, high-capacity solid-state disk (SSD) drives and configurable network interface options.

The increased performance level is also available for installed B8000i platforms as a field upgrade, enhancing Bivio customers’ investment in Bivio 8000i platforms. The field upgrade is achieved by installing additional APCs in the system chassis and updating the BiviOS software on the system. Bivio Professional Services and Support Engineers are available to assist customers with the upgrade to their systems.

Secure and Robust Environment for Cyber Security Application Consolidation
Bivio’s industry-leading cyber security application processing is achieved with BiviOS™, a patented packet acceleration and application environment that is fully integrated with the standard Linux libraries. Using this implementation, the application does not need to be modified with any system details – it only needs to invoke the standard Linux network traffic and packet handling mechanisms. This compatibility delivers significant performance improvements over server-class appliances for open source Linux applications such as SNORT®, Suricata, Bro, Argus, YAF, nProbe, TCPdump, as well as other commercial and proprietary software.

The flagship Bivio 8596 platform model also features exclusive multi-application support for both inline and passive modes of operation. Rather than relying on virtualization or sequential chaining, the Bivio 8596 uses an efficient and unique host infrastructure to enable running multiple cyber applications in parallel, with all applications simultaneously accessing the same network traffic. This capability allows cyber teams to easily consolidate applications and tools on a single platform to improve network security posture, eliminating the cost and complexity of managing multiple disparate systems.

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Bivio 8000i Advanced Cyber Security Application Platform

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