Cyber Security Application Platforms

Uncompromising Performance, Unmatched Agility and Superior Ease-of-Use for Network Intelligence and Cyber Defense

Extreme Performance

Unmatched network throughput prevents latency in cyber processing

Superior Ease-of-Use

Cyber applications run at top speed with no customization

Secure Linux Environment

Delivers the highest levels of stability, robustness and security features

Multi-Application Support

Simultaneous and parallel processing for sensor consolidation

Cyber Security Application Platforms

Bivio 6310 Compact Cyber Security Application Platform

Bivio 6310

Compact Platform

The Bivio 6310 is purpose-built to offer the highest possible network throughput in minimal rack space for Linux applications with little or no porting effort.

  • System Performance: Up to 20 Gbps
  • Validated for Common Criteria (NIAP) and Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC)
Bivio 8000i Advanced Cyber Security Application Platform

Bivio 8000i

Advanced Platform

The Bivio 8000i Series is a family of carrier-grade, high-performance packet processing systems that are flexible, scalable and fully programmable.

  • System Performance: Up to 40 Gbps
  • Rack Height: 5U (+1U for AC PSU rack)
Bivio 7000 Series DPI Application Platform

Bivio 7000 Series

DPI Application Platform

The Bivio 7000 Series architecture fuses Network Processing components with Application Processing CPUs to deliver uncompromising performance and unmatched flexibility.

  • System Performance: Up to 10 Gbps full-duplex with scaling
  • Rack Height: 2U-6U (depending on configuration)

Extreme Performance

The BiviOS Packet Acceleration and Application Environment is the foundation of all Bivio Cyber Security Application Platforms. BiviOS includes exclusive packet acceleration software that delivers the highest possible network throughput with minimal internal latency – without requiring application code customization!


Packet Processing Throughput

Transparent Network Interfaces for Passive or Inline Deployments

Example Transparent In-line Topology
Bivio Cyber Security Application platforms may be deployed in passive or in-line topologies to provide cyber security and network flow analysis using open source, commercial or custom Linux-based packet processing applications. A unique capability of the system enables some applications to be configured as inline and some as passive sensors simultaneously on the same platform when running multiple applications.
Example Passive Topology

Dedicated Management

A significant feature of the system is the physical separation of payload traffic from platform management. Bivio platforms include an independent management processor with secure, out-of-band (OOB) connectivity to oversee all system operations.

Cyber Solution Consolidation

Bivio Cyber Security Application Platforms implement cyber-specific multi-application capabilities to enable the virtual consolidation of proven network security and analysis applications that cyber analysts and security operations teams use to monitor, secure and control network traffic. Common cyber elements include Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDS/IPS), Anti-Malware, Network Threat Assessment, Analysis and Detection, Network Flow Analysis and Metadata Extraction.

The Bivio platform is the only system available today that can support the efficient consolidation of these and other Linux-based cyber applications, including open source, GOTS, custom and commercially licensed tools.

  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems 80% 80%
  • Network Flow Intelligence 45% 45%
  • Advanced Network Monitoring 60% 60%
  • Threat Sharing and Analytics 35% 35%

Support and Professional Services

Bivio provides exceptional, industry-leading technical product support services designed to help you ensure maximum uptime when leveraging Bivio’s full suite of cyber security and application platform solutions. The Bivio Support Services Program can be customized to meet individual requirements and counted on throughout a solution’s lifecycle.

Bivio also offers a full suite of Professional Services to assist you with your solution lifecycle in areas that include implementation, training, development and testing. Partnering with our team of experts will accelerate your time to deployment and maximize your cyber solution performance and availability.


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