Application Library

Easy Installation & Start Up of Open Source Monitoring, Analysis and Security Applications

Leveraging the Power of Open Source and 3rd Party Applications

Government agency, service provider and commercial enterprise IT and Security Managers want to leverage 3rd party and open source applications within their networks. Rapid deployment of such applications on high performance platforms reduces overall IT costs while delivering state of the art network monitoring, analysis and security solutions.


  • Savings
    Significantly reduce the time, effort and resources required to identify, source and deploy open source applications.
  • Easy Access
    Instant access to open source applications, downloadable at no charge.
  • Simplified Implementation
    Includes a RPM package of the software files, documents and configuration files native to the open source software as well as application profiles and initialization scripts.
  • Industry Leading Cyber Application Platform
    Bivio Cyber Security Application Platforms are high performance, fully programmable, standard Linux network appliances, supporting one or many applications on a single platform.


Several leading edge open source cyber applications are available to and are being deployed by corporate and government IT and security managers today, particularly to address network security, flow analysis, and traffic monitoring requirements. Some of the most frequently deployed cyber security applications and tools are described below.

Audit data to support network operations, performance, and security management; including network forensics, non-repudiation, network asset and service inventory.
Provides alerts on modifications to ARP tables.
Offloads the processing of the SNORT® unified2 binary output into textual or database type formats.
Network intrusion prevention and detection application using event-oriented analysis for network traffic analysis and network security monitoring.
Scalable network monitoring architecture that passively monitors and collects netflow information on high-speed network links.
Network traffic probe that displays network usage.
Signature-based detection engine to passively detect network assets & complement IDS technology.
Versatile tool to profile network users and activities including OS identification.
Creates network connection and traffic logs for auditing, historical analysis and network activity discovery.
Delivers historic and real-time analysis of network traffic.
Network intrusion, prevention and detection system that combines the benefits of signature, protocol and anomaly-based inspection methods.
Web caching proxy for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and others that reduces bandwidth and improves response time.
High performance Network IDS/IPS and Network Security Monitoring engine, developed by the Open Information Security Foundation (OISF).
Open source tool for capturing and analyzing packets.
Network flow recording program that processes packet flows into IPFIX format for later analysis.

Easy Installation & Start Up

Bivio Networks has significantly reduced the time, effort and resources required to identify, source and deploy open source applications for network monitoring, analysis and security solutions. Our Application Library provides many leading 3rd party and open source applications certified on the family of Bivio Cyber Security Application Platforms.

As a value-added service, Bivio can also pre-install the open source applications on new orders for Bivio Cyber Security Application Platforms. Contact us for more information.


White Paper: Open Source Software for Cyber Operations

For the last decade, the use of open source software (OSS) in corporate and government environments has steadily increased, a fact not only due to the significant number of available applications but also to the widespread acknowledgement of the technological and business advantages that are realized with OSS deployments.

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