Application Delivery Controller

Secure Application Delivery Network Solution

Key Benefits

  • Reduced Cost: Decrease the OpEx and CapEx with the FlowIntelligence architecture that delivers flexibility for scale-on-demand, virtualization support and application scaling with device clustering
  • Unparalleled Performance: Secure, Protect and Control applications with industry-proven OSI layer 4 through 7 performance.
  • High Assurance Operations: Deliver NIAP and FIPS validated TLS processing power with millions of secure simultaneous connections
  • Consolidation: Consolidate the Application Delivery Network with FlowIntelligence ADC. Maximize the space, power and cooling by reducing the number of servers, proxies, web application firewalls and application delivery controllers
  • Ultimate Reliability: Always on and ready technology. FlowIntelligence Adaptive Cyber Defense Platforms provide carrier-grade availability and redundancy at the chassis, blade and application levels

Secure On-Demand Application Delivery Network

Each organization’s network should be secure, dynamic and able to handle challenges from various events or unforeseen factors. Those unforeseen factors can place pressures on your organization’s infrastructure and add requirements that will test the cloud operators’ ability to deliver on-demand feature rich applications. The pressure on the private or hybrid cloud operators – from an increasing number of remote users, necessities for data center consolidation as well as migration to the cloud with mobile user access will stress any application delivery network.

Bivio Networks Powers Advanced Cyber Operations™ with FlowIntelligence solutions that delivers on-demand feature-rich applications to enterprise, remote, mobile and cloud-based users. The FlowIntelligence ADC platform is a powerful application delivery controller with advanced features which control, protect and secure the application delivery network. The modular features of the solution ensures an organization can add or remove platforms as well as modules without disruption to users or the application delivery network. The application delivery controller solution is designed to support enterprise and data center environments, facilitate cloud and mobile security environments as well as delivering virtual and container-based applications. It is a high performance and secure application delivery controller supporting client and server-side application load balancing, web application filtering, TLS and reverse proxy operating environments.

Commercial Solutions for Classified – Case Study

The B6310-NC platform which is part of the FlowIntelligence family from Bivio Networks as a TLS Protected Server. It incorporates a NIAP validated RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 operating system for application processing with a FIPS 140-2 validated crypto module and has been assessed to meet the stringent Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) standard with the National Security Agency SuiteB encryption algorithms. The combination of this platform and the FlowIntelligence ADC application enables access to classified or sensitive data in protected government networks with mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets. Beyond load balancing and SSL – A requirement for a higher-level of confidentiality, integrity and assurance (CIA) is needed to ensure the data or systems that users are accessing will not be exposed to undesirable or unauthorize actors. FlowIntelligence ADC delivers this capability and enables the second of a dual tunnel (IPSec and TLS) configuration with transport layer security (TLS) inner tunnel in the Mobile Access Capabilities Package (MACP) that is applied to the user’s connection request and secures data traversing the grey-red or grey-orange boundary.

This capability interfaces mobile user devices (laptop, smartphone or tablet) which contains a client that is based on either Hypori™ Virtual Mobile Infrastructure, Horizon™ by VMWare or SecureIO™ by Perspecta Labs via TLS services. That allows those clients to access the inner (red or orange) network with the back-end virtual mobile or desktop infrastructure. From the laptop user, the access may be enabled by a client or through a TLS-enabled web browser. In this environment, FlowIntelligence ADC secures the connection from the client application on the mobile device via TLS, validates the user with digital certificates and routes the connection to the proper back-end server with a TLS connection. The solution supports delivery of network applications to remote, cloud and mobile users.

Bivio Networks 6310-NC

The B6310-NC Compact Cyber Application platform is the core component of Bivio Networks NIAP and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) capability that enables secure mobility and other services for Government agencies. This platform delivers TLS proxy services for hundreds to thousands of simultaneous users. It facilitates an application-agnostic proxy environment for supporting multiple TCP-based traffic types including Web, Instant Messaging, Voice and Video applications from various vendors.


The FlowIntelligence ADC provides an exceptional level of capability for the application delivery network as well as confidentiality, integrity, and assurance with TLS-based network communications in enterprise, cloud and mobile environments. Coupled with Systems Management Center – integrated analytics, FlowIntelligence ADC is a unique and unparalleled capability. This solution contains the only application-agnostic solution for a Transport Layer Security proxy services that is enabled with National Information Assurance Partnership – Common Criteria, FIPS 140-2 and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) validation.