Atlas Cloud Security Gateway

Advanced URL and Application Filtering Solution


  • Deliver protection for users, organizations and subscribers of web and cloud application traffic with advanced filtering solution
  • Use dynamic web isolation to block access to web sites or URLs with poor reputation or known risks
  • Leverage advanced threat intelligence indicators data with risk ratings to block malware hidden in network traffic

Operational Control

  • Manage applications in the FlowIntelligence and Atlas Cloud solution suites
  • Manage, control and deploy supporting virtual environments
  • Manage under cloud and over cloud functions
  • Manage rules and events for FlowIntelligence sensor applications
  • Remotely Stop, Start and Restart platforms, services and applications

Centralized Configuration

  • Centralized configuration for platforms, operating environments and applications with embedded playbooks
  • Centralized inventory & configuration for platforms and applications
  • Centralized rules & events repository
  • Centralized Threat Intelligence repository
  • Centralized GIT repository for enterprise application, patch and playbook updates

Cloud Security as a Service

The rapid adoption of cloud-based applications and the reliance on the world-wide web to deliver services creates additional pressure on enterprise and service provider cloud operators to filter, control and operate safe cloud services. Mobile users, Internet-of-Things (IoT), SCADA and streaming services adds complexity and challenges for cloud and security operations teams. They now have to address multiple questions for the cloud ecosystem, that includes:

  • How to effectively operate, monitor and manage cloud services including permissible applications as well as effective application bandwidth provisioning and management
  • How to manage and control types of devices as well as locations that access the cloud ecosystem
  • How to ensure that cloud operations meet data regulations and compliance requirements
  • How to protect users, organizations and cloud subscribers from threats, web services or sites with poor reputation or know risks, identify potential applications that may be harmful to users or subscribers and block known malware embedded in network traffic.

Bivio Network’s Cloud Security Gateway is a key component of the Atlas Cloud solutions for operating effective private, hybrid or public clouds. It answers these questions plus provides proactive and dynamic cloud capabilities.

Cloud Security Gateway – Platforms

The Cloud Security Gateway is delivered on Bivio Networks Atlas Cloud Application Platforms. These platforms provide the scaling for operating the solution at speeds reaching 40 Gbps. The heart of the platform includes a robust, secure Linux operating environment and BiviOS, Bivio Networks unique packet processing middleware technology. The platforms provide many key features for high availability operations including redundant hardware components, automated applications management and data interfacing for the enterprise or service provider operator.

The platforms are provisioned in two classes. The Enterprise class platform provides support for network speeds at 1, 5 and 10 Gbps. The Service Provider class supports speeds from 10 – 40 Gbps with QSFP interfaces for multiple external and internal 10 Gb connectivity links or single external-internal 40 Gb interface pair. The platform contains multiple packet processing interfaces for primary and redundant or back-up external-internal network connections. Each platform is shipped with a companion network bypass switch for inline operations to eliminate network outages in the unlikely instance there is a total system failure.


The Cloud Security Gateway is a comprehensive solution for providing advanced filtering, control and operations for cloud environments. It contains enhanced features that provide network security functions to ensure that users and subscribers are protected from network threats or malware. The solution is in an elite class for speed, performance and capabilities.