Bivio 6310 Compact Cyber Security Applications Platform

Cyber Mission Deployments

  • Network Security
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Active Cyber Defense
  • Portable Cyber Protection Racks

Rack-Efficient Cyber Security Applications & Network Sensor

The Bivio 6310 Series is a family of compact, high-performance packet processing systems that are ideal host platforms for a wide range of Network Security, Cyber Intelligence, Active Cyber Defense and other Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications. The platforms are optimized for packet processing through a field-proven architecture that features multicore Intel® processors and a robust Linux application environment.

The Bivio 6310 Series platforms are designed for the most demanding cyber mission environments via two chassis configurations:

  • B6310 system platform for enterprise and data center environments
  • B6310R system platform for portable cases and other harsh conditions

Both platforms may be ordered as validated Common Criteria (NIAP) and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) configurations.

Common Criteria Certification

The Bivio 6310-NC and 6310R-NC Compact Cyber Security Application Platforms have received Common Criteria Certification. The platforms were rigorously tested and validated by an approved independent laboratory for compliance to the collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices (cPP-ND) Version 1.0 as overseen by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP).

In addition to completing the NIAP Common Criteria certification, the Bivio 6310-NC and 6310R-NC platforms have been added to the Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) Components List maintained by the National Security Agency (NSA). Products from the CSfC Components List are eligible for use in NSA approved Capability Packages for protecting classified data for a variety of different capabilities.

Robust Linux Environment

Bivio 6310 Series platforms include a robust and performance-optimized Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® distribution that provides a secure and reliable host environment for cyber security and network packet processing applications. The system combines the operating system with Bivio’s exclusive packet acceleration and application management software to nearly eliminate internal packet handling latency and achieve a significant performance advantage over alternative solutions.

Service & Application Consolidation

The Bivio 6310 platform also features exclusive multi-application support. Rather than relying on virtualization or sequential chaining, the Bivio 6310 uses an efficient and unique host infrastructure to enable running multiple cyber applications in parallel, with all applications simultaneously accessing the same network traffic. This capability allows cyber teams to easily consolidate applications and tools on a single platform to improve network security posture, eliminating the cost and complexity of managing multiple disparate systems.

The Bivio 6310 Series supports both inline and passive modes of operation, and when running multiple applications, some can be inline and some can be passive on the same platform.

Enhancing the Cyber Defense Process

The Bivio 6310 platform hosts an advanced set of features for enhancing the Cyber Defense process and operating network sensors. Achieving speed-to-decision in mitigating cyber threats requires the ability to integrate threat intelligence indicators of compromise, automate the workflow for decision making and share threat information with third-party systems.

The platform supports the STIX™, TAXII™ and CybOX™ specifications that aid in integrating threat intelligence indicators into network-based cyber sensors. The platform also incorporates a visual workflow engine that aids the automation process for decision making with cyber sensor data.

Specification Summary

Platform Features B6310 & B6310-NC B6310R & B6310R-NC
Performance (max) 20 Gbps 20 Gbps
# of Network Payload Interfaces 1G/10G fiber (SFP/SFP+):
Up to 6;
1G copper (RJ45):
Up to 4
1G/10G fiber (SFP/SFP+):
Up to 4;
1G copper (RJ45):
Up to 4
Local Storage Technology / Capacity SSD / Up to 30 TB SSD / Up to 30 TB
System Management Ports 1G copper (RJ45) out-of-band and serial console 1G copper (RJ45) out-of-band and serial console
Power Consumption 750 W 550 W
Chassis Sizing Form factor: 1U Rack-Mount
Chassis depth: 26.9 inches
Form factor: 1U Rack-Mount
Chassis depth: 20.7 inches


Bivio 6310 Product Brief

The Bivio 6310 delivers unprecedented performance, consolidation and agility in minimal 1U rack space.

White Paper: Open Source Software for Cyber Operations

For the last decade, the use of open source software (OSS) in corporate and government environments has steadily increased, a fact not only due to the significant number of available applications but also to the widespread acknowledgement of the technological and business advantages that are realized with OSS deployments.

Joint Solution Brief: Bivio Networks & Hypori CSfC Mobility Solution

The combination of Bivio Networks’ CSfC TLS Protected Server and FlowIntelligence™ Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with Hypori Virtual Mobile Infrastructure creates a unique capability that enables users to remotely access the most sensitive information within a controlled unclassified or classified network.

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