Bivio 7600

Rack-Efficient Cyber Security Application Processing


  • Network Security
  • Cyber Intelligence
  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Active Cyber Defense
  • Network Monitoring

Cyber Security Applications Platform

The Bivio 7600 is a compact, high-performance packet processing system that is an ideal host platform for a wide range of Network Security, Cyber Intelligence, Active Cyber Defense and other Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications. The platform is optimized for packet processing through a field-proven architecture that features multicore Intel® processors and a robust Linux application environment.

Purpose-built for demanding enterprise-class environments, the Bivio 7600 platform facilitates rapid deployment of open source, proprietary, and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cyber application solutions at up to 10 Gbps in a single 1U rack space. The Bivio 7600 platform allows any Linux-based networking application to perform at top speed with little or no porting effort.

Superb Performance for Cyber Security Applications

Applications such as Bro NSM, Suricata, SNORT® and Argus are fully supported on a performance-optimized Linux distribution with unique packet acceleration technology and standard API compatibility so that cyber teams can deploy advanced cyber solutions within hours of installing the system. The platform is designed for unattended operation with minimal management interaction.

The Bivio 7600 Cyber Security Application Platform is ideal for large enterprise and government Cyber and IT operations teams and systems integrators who demand maximum networking performance in a compact rack-mount chassis. The platform supports transparent inline and passive sensor operation, and provides application code portability with the advanced Bivio 8000 Series™ carrier-grade cyber security application platforms.

Rack-Efficient Cyber Application Processing

The extraordinary cyber security application processing is achieved through BiviOS™, a patented packet acceleration and application environment that is fully integrated with the standard Linux libraries. Using this implementation, the application does not need to be modified with any system details – it only needs to invoke the standard Linux network traffic and packet handling mechanisms. This compatibility delivers significant performance improvements over server-class appliances for open source Linux applications such as SNORT®, Suricata, Bro, Argus, YAF, nProbe, TCPdump, as well as other commercial and proprietary software.

Specification Summary

Platform Features Bivio 7600
Performance (max) 10 Gbps
# of Network Payload Interfaces (4) 10G fiber (SFP+)
Local storage capacity
(SSD, RAID configuration)
Up to 30 TB
Power Consumption 550 W


Bivio 7600 Product Brief

The Bivio 7600 is a compact, high-performance packet processing system.

White Paper: Open Source Software for Cyber Operations

For the last decade, the use of open source software (OSS) in corporate and government environments has steadily increased, a fact not only due to the significant number of available applications but also to the widespread acknowledgement of the technological and business advantages that are realized with OSS deployments.

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