FlowIntelligence™ 6425

Adaptive Cyber Defense Platform

True Wire-Speed Performance at 25 Gbps

State-of-the-art high-performance architecture delivers unparallel performance and processing for open source, proprietary, and commercial off-the-shelf cyber security applications.

Secure Linux Operating Environment

Applications run on a secure and performance-optimized Linux® distribution with industry-leading throughput, agility and capabilities.

Robust, Service Provider Hardened Platform

Dual-redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, solid-state hard drives, redundant system configurations with core elements for carrier-grade reliabiltiy and maximum up-time.

Scalable Processing Platform

Quad-socket, multi-core Intel® Xeon processors to provide unprecedented application performance, network throughput and processing efficiency for the FlowIntelligence Cyber Sensor Suite as well as open source applications such as SNORT®, Suricata®, Zeek® and others.

High-Performance Cyber Security Platform & Network Sensor

The FlowIntelligence 6400 Series Adaptive Cyber Platform is a scalable high-density packet processing system. It delivers unparalleled performance for the FlowIntelligence Cyber Sensor Suite of tools, open source, custom-proprietary, or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network security and cyber intelligence applications. The platform is optimized for packet processing through an extensively field-tested and proven architecture which features multi-core Intel® processors and a robust Linux application environment.

The FlowIntelligence 6425 Series platforms are created for the most demanding cyber mission environments via two chassis configurations:

  • FlowIntelligence 6425 system for enterprise and data center operations supporting a single cyber sensor at 25 Gbps
  • FlowIntelligence 6425-eXtreme system for enterprise and data center operations supporting up to two cyber sensor applications or a single processor intensive cyber application at 25 Gbps

The platform is designed specifically to provide wire speed deep packet inspection and applications processing with uncompromising performance and unrivaled flexibility. The FlowIntelligence 6400 Series architecture with quad sockets allows cyber security and network information assurance professionals to rapidly deploy advanced cyber and network application solutions with remarkable speeds of 25 Gbps of packet processing capability. All of this is done in a high-density platform with a lower total cost of ownership than alternative solutions.

Typical User Deployments

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Network Security and Monitoring
  • Network Breach Detection and Prevention
  • Web, URL and Application Filtering
  • Network Flow Monitoring
  • Cyber Security and Network Threat Intelligence
  • Network Malware Identification
  • Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense
  • Network Sensor Application Consolidation

FlowIntelligence 6400 Series platforms are fully programmable systems that allow any Linux-based networking applications to perform at wire speed with little or no porting effort. Applications run on a performance-optimized Linux distribution with industry unique packet acceleration technology and standard LibPcap API compatibility so that cyber teams can deploy advanced cyber sensors and solutions within hours of installing the system. The platform also includes the FlowIntelligence tool kit which is a rich set of software infrastructure components that aids developers in implementing advanced application and systems management features as well as supporting sophisticated operational environments.

FlowIntelligence 6400 Series Adaptive Cyber Defense Platforms are ideal for Fortune 500 and Government cyber operations environments, network providers, systems integrators, and commercial software vendors to rapidly deploy scalable, high-performance solutions for Cyber Security, Network Monitoring & Flow Collection, Information Assurance as well as other Deep Packet Inspection services.

Proven Architecture for High Performance Sensors

The extraordinary cyber security application processing of the FlowIntelligence 6400 Series is achieved through BiviOS™, a patented packet processing, acceleration and application management ecosystem that is fully integrated with the standard Linux libraries.

Using this implementation, the application does not need to be modified with any system details – it only needs to invoke the standard Linux network traffic and packet handling mechanisms in the LibPcap API. This compatibility delivers significant improvements over server and packet capture card – combo appliances for the FlowIntelligence Cyber Sensor Suite of tools as well as open source, Linux applications such as Snort®, Suricata®, Zeek® NSM, Argus, YAF, nProbe, TCPDump and many other commercial or custom-proprietary software.

The system host applications run on a robust Red Hat® Enterprise Linux (RHEL) operating environment. In conjunction with the Linux operating environment, extremely efficient, high-speed network traffic processing is achieved through Bivio Networks’ exclusive packet acceleration middleware that is fully integrated with the Linux packet capture (PCAP) libraries. The benefit for using this implementation is the application does not need to be modified with any systems details – it only needs to invoke the standard Linux network traffic and packet handing mechanisms. Consolidate your network traffic processing and cyber sensor operations with the FlowIntelligence 6400 Series. It is the only platform on the market today that can truly operate cyber sensors at full wire speed.

Specification Summary

Platform Features FlowIntelligence 6425 FlowIntelligence 6425X
Performance (max) 25 Gbps 25 Gbps
Processing Cores Quad Intel Xeon Gold 18 Core Processors Quad Intel Xeon Gold 28 Core Processors
# of Network Interfaces 2x Dual 25 Gb Interfaces
(Packet Processing)
Data Interfaces 2x 1/10 Gb Fiber SFP Data Offload Interfaces
Local Storage Capacity M.2 480 GB (RAID-1) Boot & Operating System Storage;
Fast Read SSD – up to 100 TB (RAID-5) Storage
Chassis Size 3.4″ x 17.08″ x 32.9″ (2 Rack Units)

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