FlowIntelligence™ 8600 MCA

Modular Chassis Architecture – Adaptive Cyber Defense Platform

True Wire-Speed Performance at 10 Gbps

State-of-the-art modular chassis architecture that delivers unparalleled performance and processing for FlowIntelligence, Open source, proprietary, and third-party commercial applications with BiviOS™ advanced packet processing and application middleware.

Secure Linux Operating Environment

Applications run on a secure and performance-optimized Linux® distribution with industry-leading throughput, agility and capabilities.

Embedded Virtualization Support

The platform delivers data center-grade embedded KVM virtualization support for simultaneously hosting non-packet processing applications.

Robust, Service Provider-grade Platform

Dual-redundant and hot-swappable power supplies, solid-state hard drives, redundant system configuration on M.2 storage for carrier-grade reliability and maximum up-time.

Scalable Compute Nodes

Dual-socket, multi-core Intel® Gen-14 Xeon processors to provide unprecedented application performance, network throughput and processing efficiency for FlowIntelligence Cyber Sensor Suite as well as open source applications such as SNORT®, Suricata®, Zeek®, and others.

High-Performance, Modular Cyber Security Platform

Scale an you grow – The FlowIntelligence 8600 Series Adaptive Cyber Platform is a scalable, modular, four-slot system for simultaneously hosting packet processing applications and analytics environments. It delivers unparalleled performance for the FlowIntelligence Cyber Sensor Suite of tools as well as open source, custom-proprietary, or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) network security and cyber intelligence applications. It features the industry –proven BiviOS™ middleware for advanced packet processing and applications management for optimizing cyber applications and line-speed operations. The compute modules in the platform are optimized for packet processing through an extensively implemented and proven architecture which features multi-core Intel® processors, a robust Linux application environment and advanced packet processing system.

The FlowIntelligence 8600 Series platforms are created for the most demanding cyber operations environments via three compute module configurations:

  • FlowIntelligence c8610S module for enterprise and data center operations supporting a single lightweight cyber sensor application workload at 10 Gbps
  • FlowIntelligence c8610SE module for enterprise and data center operations supporting a single moderately processor-intensive cyber sensor application workload at 10 Gbps
  • FlowIntelligence c8610SX module for enterprise and data center operations supporting a processor-intensive cyber application workload at 10 Gbps or data analytic nodes with ingest, collection and retention services

The platform is designed specifically to provide wire speed deep packet inspection and applications processing with uncompromising performance and unrivaled flexibility. The FlowIntelligence 8600 Series architecture with dual sockets per compute node allows cyber security and network information assurance professionals to rapidly implement advanced cyber and network application solutions with remarkable speeds of 10 Gbps of packet processing capability. All of this is done in a high-density, modular chassis architecture platform with a lower total cost of ownership than alternative solutions.

Typical User Deployments

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Network Security and Event Monitoring
  • Network Breach Detection and Prevention
  • Network Threat Fusion
  • Network Intelligence
  • Network Flow Monitoring
  • Cyber Security and Intelligence
  • Network Malware Identification
  • Network Sensor Application Consolidation
  • Analytics Hosting

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