FlowIntelligence™ Cloud Security Proxy

Secure, Control and Protect


  • NIAP, FIPS, & Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) validated capability
  • High performance and high assurance TLS or reverse proxy solution
  • Certificate-based access control with OCSP and CRL checking
  • SSL and TLS session analysis for network security monitoring of the front-end data path
  • Integrated analytics of proxy and TLS environment

Secure Mobile Device Access

Secure, Control and Protect – The FlowIntelligence™ Cloud Security Proxy operates as a high assurance and availability proxy. Ideally suited for cloud and mobile security as either a reverse or TLS proxy, the Cloud Security Proxy provides an additional layer of security for mobile device access inter-operating with remote Virtual Mobile and Desktop environments. It delivers the ability to control access through the use of digital certificates and provide high performance AES-GCM encryption of TLS traffic.

User-configurable interfaces enable the Cloud Security Proxy to support multiple front-end or back-end network segments or domains. This solution becomes an integral part of the organization’s confidentiality, integrity and assurance model for the mobile and cloud user base.

Cloud Security Proxy – Enterprise

The FlowIntelligence Cloud Security Proxy features 5 Gbps of AES-GCM encryption per processing core, supports a minimum of 500,000 sustained end-to-end TLS sessions and 800,000 client-side TLS sessions. The integrated platform features NIAP-Common Criteria and FIPS 140-2 validation for high assurance.

The solution is a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) approved TLS protected server providing TLS services for mobile users. It incorporates integrated security for monitoring and examining user connections, logging and analytics for system and user analysis as well as Restful API for integrating with an external systems management infrastructure.

Secure, Control and Protect with the FlowIntelligence™ Cloud Security Proxy

Provide the highest level of assurance, integrity and cyber protection for the Virtual Mobile Infrastructure and mobile users by provisioning the Bivio FlowIntelligence™ Cloud Security Proxy on your network. The Bivio platform technology, coupled with integrated TLS proxy, security and monitoring tools creates a secure and robust Transport Layer Security (TLS) solution that is unmatched by any other commercial product.

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