FlowIntelligence™ Cyber Analyst

Cloud Event Monitoring and Traffic Analysis

Key Benefits

  • Collect network flows and analyze network applications through Layer 7 of the OSI model from the enterprise
  • Analyze Cloud traffic (DNS, FTP, SIP, DHCP, SMTP, HTTP/HTTPs, SMB, ModBus & DNP3, etc.)
  • Centralized and distributed analysis environments
  • More than 3000 types of network events tracked
  • Generate metadata for network events with more than 50 embedded log types and hundreds of metadata objects
  • Investigate data with associated BGP, MPLS and VLAN tags
  • Identify network and application anomalous behavior including known embedded malware
  • Integrate threat intelligence indicators for dynamic analysis

Cloud Monitoring as a Service

The complexity of operating a private or hybrid cloud with networks, applications and services creates additional pressure on enterprise cloud operators. FlowIntelligenceâ„¢ Cyber Analyst monitors cloud environments and identifies network events that affects overall performance and operations. It provides detailed information on cloud-based applications such as DNS, Social Media, Email, SCADA and Internet of Things (IoT) which brings the risk of an unwanted or undesirable events in the network. Identifying external and internal threats, lateral movement from a network event as well as data exfiltration adds complexity and challenges for the security operations teams. They now have to address multiple questions for the cloud ecosystem including:

  • How to effectively collect and analyze every session in the network?
  • How to identify anomalous behavior of applications and users or subscribers in the cloud?
  • How can the organization implement dynamic analysis of the cloud ecosystem?
  • How can cloud operators automate the blocking or shunting process for risky or unwanted network traffic?
  • How can the organization ensure that network operations meet the data regulations and compliance requirements?
  • How can the organization analyze SSL/TLS traffic?

Bivio Networks’ FlowIntelligence Cyber Threat Analyst is a key component for the effective operation of private and hybrid clouds. It answers these questions plus provides proactive, network and cloud intelligence capabilities for effective operations.

Key Capabilities

The FlowIntelligenceâ„¢ Cyber Analysis platform provides deep cloud analysis and enables enforcement of organiza-tional policies for cloud access, services and applications. The key capabilities include:

  • Deep Packet Inspection
  • Performance and Operational Analysis
  • Cloud Policy Control
  • Ease of Implementation
  • Friction-less Updates
  • Distributed Operations
  • Data Integration
  • Open Architecture
  • Safe and Secure Cloud Operations
  • Turn-key Solution


Cyber Analyst is a comprehensive, advanced deep packet inspection and cloud monitoring solution. It contains intelligent features for innovative detection of network applications and events to aid cloud operators. It is in an elite class for its performance, features and capabilities. Contact Bivio Networks sales team to see how Cyber Analyst can enhance your cyber security operations team.