FlowIntelligence™ Threat Analyst

Advanced Breach Detection and Protection


High Performance

  • Blazingly fast with throughput at rates up to 100 Gbps full duplex
  • 100’s of thousands to millions of connections per second
  • Millions to 10’s of millions of simultaneous sessions analyzed
  • 10’s of thousands concurrent rules

Intelligent Operations

  • Dynamic analysis with integrated threat intelligence indicators and automated rules from the FlowIntelligence™ Cloud
  • Advanced file scanning and analysis framework with machine learning malware analysis engine

Open Architecture

  • Open and extensible sensor engine with ability to add functionality via plug-in architecture
  • Threat information sharing via embedded open data exchange API and message broker technology
  • Interface with third-party tools and solutions via embedded SOAR and open data exchange API

Cyber Security as a Service

The rapid adoption of cloud-based applications and the reliance on the world-wide web to deliver services creates additional pressure on enterprise and service provider cyber analyst to detect, mitigate and protect from cyber threats. Cloud-based based applications, social media, Email and other applications all bring risk of an intrusion or breach in the network. Mobile users with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and SCADA adds complexity and challenges for the security operations teams. They now have to address multiple questions for the network ecosystem, including:

  • How to effectively operate and defend networks from external and internal threats?
  • How to identify complex or advanced threats and malware?
  • How can the cyber analyst implement dynamic analysis of the threat landscape?
  • How can the organization protect users or subscribers from threats, web services or sites with poor reputation or know risks, identify potential applications that may be harmful to users or subscribers and block known malware embedded in network traffic?
  • How can the cyber analyst perform automated deep file inspection and analysis for advanced malware detection?
  • How can the organization ensure that network operations meet the data regulations and compliance requirements?

Bivio Networks’ Threat Analyst is a key component of the FlowIntelligence™ solutions for effective
defense of enterprise and service provider networks. It answers these questions plus provides proactive,
dynamic breach detection and prevention capabilities.

Rules Management and Multi-Tenancy Operations

Threat Analyst features embedded rule and sensor management. Through a web user interface, the cyber analyst can add, update or delete rules. They can also implement custom or targeted rules through this interface. Rules can be applied globally or to specific customers or organizations via a VLAN or customer ID for multi-tenancy operations by service providers.

Turn-Key Solution

Threat Analyst is delivered as a turn-key Network Breach Detection and Prevention solution on Bivio Networks FlowIntelligence Adaptive Cyber Defense platforms. The Adaptive Cyber Defense platforms permits the solution to scale from the small and medium enterprise to the Fortune 100 and Service Provider network speeds.

The feature-rich hardware platforms are designed with carrier-grade redundancy qualities to ensure non-stop operations. The solution incorporates an optical bypass switch for in-line operations to ensure mission-critical support for Bivio Networks’ customers.

Scaling the sensor environment for each organization is done by our Solutions Architects. They can perform a comprehensive analysis to identify, design and deliver a complete solution to meet the organization’s requirements.


Threat Analyst is comprehensive, advanced breach detection and prevention solution. It contains intelligent features for innovative detection of threats and malware to protect users and network subscribers. It is in an elite class for its performance, features and capabilities. Contact the Bivio Networks sales team to see how Threat Analyst can enhance your cyber security operations team.