Detect, identify and mitigate malicious cyber activity

Rise above the noise with FlowIntelligence™ to detect, identify and mitigate malicious cyber activity. Hunt, investigate and respond to network threats in real time with advanced sensors, machine learning, analytics and security automation. Bivio Networks’ advanced, machine learning-enabled Extended Detect and Respond (XDR) solution – FlowIntelligence™ Cyber Security scales up to 100 Gigabits per second supporting network cyber defense operations at internet boundaries, data centers, enterprise and remote or tactical-edge networks. It also provides analysis of east-west traffic at the hypervisor and across workloads of interest. It combines network and endpoint telemetry for enhanced situational awareness in advanced cyber operations.
“The Radicati group views the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) market as a set of integrated solutions for the detection, prevention and possible mitigation of zero-day threats and persistent malicious attacks.”
Perform deep packet inspection of network flows to identify threats, events or cyber campaigns that can impact the organization with the FlowIntelligence suite of integrated tools. Utilize the File Scanning and Analysis function for automated deep file inspection of network-embedded files to identify embedded malware with machine learning to reduce the detection time, identify known, unknown or zero-day malware and enhance the mitigation response. Slow down and stop malicious threat actors with autonomous deception, see and realize their tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) they use to breach an organization’s network. Gain visibility across the enterprise for private or hybrid clouds, identify critical threats or malicious events with machine learning-enabled analytics. Leverage the Mitre ATT&CK® model to disrupt the cyber kill-chain and eliminate the network threat. Automate the response for network threats and events with embedded security automation utilizing YAML definitions, playbooks and visual workflows.

Reduce response time to Network Breaches by 94%

Reduce man-hours for incident response by 67%

Realize cost savings from a network breach of 84% and return on investment (ROI)