Systems Management Center

Management for FlowIntelligence™ and Atlas Cloud™ Solutions


Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor all FlowIntelligence platforms and sensors for health, performance, and status
  • Monitor all Atlas Cloud platforms, virtual environments and solutions for health, performance, and status
  • Analyze and identify hardware or software components for problems that may affect platforms and application operations

Operational Control

  • Manage applications in the FlowIntelligence and Atlas Cloud solution suites
  • Manage, control and deploy supporting virtual environments
  • Manage under cloud and over cloud functions
  • Manage rules and events for FlowIntelligence sensor applications
  • Remotely Stop, Start and Restart platforms, services and applications

Centralized Configuration

  • Centralized configuration for platforms, operating environments and applications with embedded playbooks
  • Centralized inventory & configuration for platforms and applications
  • Centralized rules & events repository
  • Centralized Threat Intelligence repository
  • Centralized GIT repository for enterprise application, patch and playbook updates

Monitor, Control and Configure for Enterprise and Global Operations

Systems Management Center provides cloud and cyber operators with open, industry standard tools to manage Bivio Networks technology for FlowIntelligence™ and Atlas Cloud™. It delivers performance monitoring, operational control as well as centralized configuration for the platforms, operating environment and applications. Systems Management Center implements industry-leading tools and concepts for the monitor, control and configure processes. The solution is powered by Red Hat® and Elastic® to deliver a unified and comprehensive capability to manage the FlowIntelligence™ and Atlas Cloud technology for enterprise and global operations.

System Management Center solves many challenges for enterprise as well as global cyber and cloud management operations. When it pertains to cyber operations, Systems Management Center permits analysts to monitor the FlowIntelligence Adaptive Cyber Defense Platforms, operating environments, and sensors applications. It provides provisioning services for deploying new or updated sensor applications, rules, events and threat intelligence indicators as well as managing the control process for the sensor ecosystem. For Atlas Cloud, it enables operators to fully manage, control and configure the platforms, operating environments and applications for virtual and software defined networks. Whether it is a platform-as-a-service or infrastructure-as-a-service, Systems Management Center eases the burden for cloud operators.

Distributed Operations

Managing geographically disbursed environments creates a challenge for cloud and cyber operators. Systems Management Center solve this problem with a comprehensive suite of tools based on industry accepted practices. The monitoring component is based on Elastic® and provides complete application and platform health, performance and status. It aids in the identification of events and issues that may affect platform or applications operating environments. Systems Management Center also alerts an operator when a platform or application is not responding or performing properly. The configuration and control functions are enabled with Red Hat® tools utilizing Virtualization Manager and Ansible. Virtualization Manager enables cloud and cyber operators to manage enterprise and global virtualization environments. Ansible provides feature-rich functions for inventory, configuration and control of the customer’s operating environment. It enables operators with management of software defined networks for private, hybrid and public cloud environments to include platforms, infrastructures and applications.

Turn-Key Solution

Systems Management Center is delivered as a turn-key management solution on Bivio Networks Atlas Cloud platforms. The Atlas Cloud platforms permit the solution to scale from the small and medium enterprise to the Fortune 100 and Service Provider operations. The feature-rich hardware platforms are designed with carrier-grade redundancy qualities to ensure non-stop operations.

Scaling the management environment for each organization is done by our Solutions Architects. They can perform a comprehensive analysis to identify, design and deliver a complete solution to meet the organization’s requirements.


Systems Management Center is a comprehensive, open and extensible management solution for the FlowIntelligence and Atlas Cloud technologies. It contains intelligent features for innovative management of platforms, operating environments and applications. It is in an elite class for its combined features and capabilities. Contact Bivio Networks sales team to see how Systems Management Center can enhance your cyber security and cloud operations teams.